Vice Presidents

Each year, the Committee nominates as Vice-Presidents any member they consider should receive special recognition for services to the Club.

List of BRFC Vice Presidents are:

Don Pead
J Smith
Des Walsh
Mike Burnham
John Arger
C West
P Harvey
C Gould
Dave Pattison
Rob Kift
David Hepworth
Dave Rayner
Stuart Tormey
Laurie Pinn
Howard Roadnight
Willy Sumner
R F Pinn
Martin Parker
Rory Brown
M Sturnam
D Boothroyd
Richard Godden
Paul Skelly
Ken Hill
Brian Worboys
Paul Johnson
A Stoffel
Kevin Smith
Chris Stevens
Simon Kift
Collin Johnson
Paul Lynch
Alan Davies
Neil Millan
Jackie Walsh
Dave Caddy
John Wanniaratchy
Phil Davis
George Lawlor
David Broadwell
Ali Boyd
Mark Steven
Gordon Hulls
Mark Davis
Katy Maliphant
Paul Charlesworth
Louise Charlesworth
Tony Spong
David Broadwell
Steve Hancock