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Beckenham Ladies take the Spotlight

Beckenham Ladies take the Spotlight

Emma Gibson22 Jan 2020 - 13:59
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Check out the article on unsettled magazine...

Over the past few months the Ladies Team have been working with photographer Ana Blumenkron who is currently undertaking her Masters Degree in Photojournalism at the University of The Arts London.

Her submission piece titled 'Ruck like a Girl' looked at the comradery, femininity, the feeling of family within the team, contrasting with the aggression, power and strength of women in sport.

"Women, we are not single sided dimensional beings. Photographs of ladies being girl like, naked or in a suggestive poses invade the magazines and papers across the world. For my project presented here “Ruck like a girl” I am challenging the stereotypes of femininity and how women are represented through images.

Being tough does not mean you are not an amazing mother, or a good sister, or a great friend. Working with the Beckenham ladies I found a broad range of what being a woman means and this is what I want to talk about.

My photos are made for other women to be a reminder you can be everything you want. Even if that breaks the mold. I want to empower young ladies to be as tough or tender as they want." Ana - Project Brief

We had an awesome time with Ana and will be putting up some of the best shots soon - keep your eyes peeled!

Check out the interview with Ana and our Team Captain Lucy Hooton on Unsettled Magazine and keep up to date with the Ladies Facebook Page and Instagram accounts for more team information on training, socials and other events.

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