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Expectations Of Behaviour On and Off The Pitch

Expectations Of Behaviour On and Off The Pitch

The Committee29 Feb - 15:41
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Message From Our Discipline Officer

Dear Member,

We are very much a community rugby club with family at its very heart. We want players, parents children and anyone else who comes here to feel that they can be at our great club safe in the knowledge that they will not have to hear and see foul and abusive language and behaviour anywhere there, but especially not on the pitch or from the touchline.

If what I am describing resonates with how you conduct yourself at our club then please internalise it, don’t say or do what you were thinking because it is rude and offensive and does not adhere to the RFU Core Values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship all of which are interdependent. All any of us want at Beckenham RFC is for our members and guests to enjoy our rugby club, behave appropriately and uphold the rugby core values.

As Discipline Officer I know, and so do all members of the General Committee, that the vast majority of you do exactly that every time you come to the club. If you witness such behaviour, especially those elected members of the General Committee, Captains and Coaches and parents from all teams, call it out – you will be supported. If you are challenged about your behaviour acknowledge what it has taken for that person to speak to you and accept it; please.

Any form of Match Official Abuse (MOA) has never been acceptable and as I disclosed at the start of the year attracts a fifty percent increase on the starting point for the sanction.

The RFU, Kent RFU and Beckenham RFC have a zero tolerance approach to any behaviour that does not support the RFU Core Values. Behaviour that may have been considered by some to be ‘banter’ whether it involves the use of foul and abusive language or not, between players and supporters or anyone, has not and never was acceptable. That is even more the case now and must stop.

If a person falls foul of the RFU rules that deal with behaviour and MOA I will assure you that each matter will be judged on its individual circumstances. If proven the person concerned can expect to receive an appropriate sanction and so too will our club, which we cannot afford to happen. Those sanctions are wide reaching and could include, but are not limited to a points deduction from the 1stXV or other teams, a fine, suspension from the league, being barred from entering a competition next season, suspension from playing, coaching and supporting amongst an array of other sanctions.

From now on, when a team is playing on the 1stXV pitch all supporters must be behind the barrier. The only people who are allowed inside the playing area are coaches, team manager, and replacements for that match, the touch judge and physio and society referee officials. Why? Because the playing area for the match extends to the barrier and you are not allowed on to the pitch unless you are a player or are invited on to it by the referee. Also, if anyone was to be injured in that area who didn’t fall within the above named group of people then the clubs public liability insurance would be void.

If anyone has any questions about what I have just detailed or about the RFU rules and regulations around discipline and behaviour then please speak to me at the club or email or call me.

Yours in Rugby

Jerry Pickers

Discipline Officer

Beckenham RFC

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