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Match Report - 1XV Beckenham Ladies v Reading Abbey Ladies

Match Report - 1XV Beckenham Ladies v Reading Abbey Ladies

The Committee6 Feb - 07:52
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Impressive 5-70 away win for Beckenham.

Match Report by Director of Women’s Rugby Amy Fitzgerald.

In a thrilling rugby clash between Reading Abbey and Beckenham, the latter emerged triumphant with an outstanding scoreline of 5-70, showcasing their prowess on the field. From the kick-off, Beckenham asserted dominance, swiftly gaining control of possession and territory.

Beckenham's offense proved relentless, executing precise passes and strategic plays that left the Abbey defense scrambling to contain their formidable opponents. The first half saw Beckenham establishing a considerable lead, with a series of well-coordinated tries from captain Lizzie, Vice Captain Abby, no.15 Jemma, hooker Macey and winger Jade demonstrating their offensive proficiency. Abbey managed to secure a try, demonstrating their determination and resilience, but Beckenham's lead remained insurmountable.

Abbey, to their credit, fought valiantly, attempting to counter Beckenham's advances and putting up a resilient defense. However, Beckenham's relentless pressure and cohesive teamwork proved challenging for Abbey to overcome. Half time score 5-25!

The second half unfolded with Beckenham maintaining their momentum, consistently breaking through Abbey's defenses and adding to their impressive point tally. The scoring showcased not only Beckenham's individual talents but also their collective ability to capitalize on opportunities and adapt to the evolving dynamics of the game. The try scorers in the second half were flanker Kieran with two, winger Jade with another two making it a hat trick , Lizzie with another two gaining another hat trick and scrum half Chloe.

The final whistle marked Beckenham's well-deserved victory, underlining their superior performance throughout the match.
This encounter between Abbey and Beckenham will undoubtedly be remembered as a showcase of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Congratulations to Beckenham on a dominant and memorable performance. Final score 5-70!

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